Msr Automotive

Production Facilities

M.Ş.R Automotive was established in Bursa in 2005 in order to produce and supply quality, robust, and good products that exceed the expectations of customers.

As M.Ş.R Automotive, we have made it our goal to provide all kinds of spare parts needed in the design of bus and minibus-type vehicles in the best way since the day we were founded.

We offer the best service to our customers with many kinds of products such as coatings, seats, glass for all kinds of vehicles, automatic door systems, electric sliding steps, chrome accessories, curtains, interior lighting, reading lamps, and interior upholstery.

In addition to serving to Volkswagen Crafter and Renault Master Main Industry with original luggage system designs, we also export luggage systems and spare parts to 15 different countries in desired sizes and options.

Our aim is to be the best manufacturer and supplier for our customers around the world and to achieve even better business.

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